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honestly is building a movement to improve sexual health outcomes for youth. We do this by serving as the backbone organization for the Central Oklahoma Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaboration (A.K.A "the Collaboration") where we work together to achieve our shared goal of reducing the teen birth rate in Oklahoma County by an additional 25% by 2025. In this role, we convene and connect partners, engage and mobilize the community, evaluate and share data, and advocate for youth to have access to resources, services, and medically accurate information about sexual health.

There is a place for everyone in our movement to become change agents for the young people in our community. Together, we will create a culture in which opportunities for youth to pursue education, careers, and well-being are not limited by teen pregnancy.

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*The Change Agent Inventory Annual Questionnaire helps honestly connect you with relevant engagement opportunities. If you have not taken the questionnaire and select "yes," you will receive an email within 1-2 weeks with more information. If you have already taken the questionnaire in the past year and select "yes," you will simply continue to receive relevant communications. The questionnaire will take about 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Completing the Change Agent Inventory Annual Questionnaire does not commit you to any participation in Collaboration activities. 
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